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Teriyaki Hawaiian Sliders

15 minutes
15 minutes


Burger Patties
Green onions, thinly sliced ¼ Cup
OZO™ Plant-Based Burger Patties 2 Patties
Jalapeño pepper, minced ½ Pepper
Slider buns 3 Buns
Round pineapple slices 3 Slices
Butter lettuce 3 Pieces
Red onion slices ½ Onion
Sesame seeds 1 Teaspoon
Monterey Jack cheese 3 Slices
Teriyaki Pineapple Sauce
Garlic cloves, minced 2 Cloves
Soy sauce ¼ Cup
Pineapple juice ¼ Cup
Brown sugar 1 Tablespoon
Fresh ginger, grated ½ Teaspoon
Sweet chili sauce ¼ Cup
Lime Juice, squeezed ½ Lime
Cornstarch ½ Tablespoon
Cold water ¼ Cup
Plant-based Burger Patties


Step 1
1. Place OZO Plant-Based Burger Patties in a small mixing bowl.
2. Add green onions and jalapeños, and mix by hand until well combined.
3. Separate mixture into thirds and roll each into a small, lightly packed ball shape.
4. Set on a plate and lightly press down on each with a spatula until a burger patty shape is formed.
5. Wipe a paper towel dipped in oil across the slats of your grill to prevent your patties from sticking. Heat your grill to medium-high then place the patties and cook 4-5 minutes on each side. (Note: if burger is sticking to the grill, it’s not ready to flip.).
6. In the last few minutes of cooking, add pineapple slices to the grill and cook for 1½-2 minutes per side before removing.
7. Once the sliders are cooked, place a slice of cheese on each patty and remove from grill.
Step 2
Teriyaki Pineapple Sauce:
1. Mix the cornstarch and water in a small bowl and set aside.
2. In a small saucepan over medium heat, mix garlic, soy sauce, pineapple juice, brown sugar, ginger, sweet chili sauce, and lime juice until mixture starts to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 13-15 minutes.
3. Add the cornstarch and water mixture to thicken the sauce and cook for another minute. Remove from heat to let cool while you plate your sliders.
Step 3
1. Place a piece of butter lettuce on each slider bun, then layer the burger patty with a grilled pineapple slice on top.
2. Generously drizzle your sauce mixture over each slider with a spoon and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. Add red onion slices and top bun.
3. Garnish with a toothpick and cherry tomato, if you please!

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