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My Big Fat Greek Salad Bowl

10 minutes
10 minutes


Greek “Meatballs”
OZO™ Plant-Based Mexican Seasoned Ground 1 Package
White onion, grated ½ Medium
Egg 1 Egg
Salt ½ Teaspoon
Oregano ¼ Teaspoon
Parsley 2 Teaspoons
Cumin ½ Teaspoon
Bread crumbs ⅓ Cup
Garlic cloves, minced 3 Cloves
Onion powder 1 Teaspoon
Pickled red onions 2 Tablespoons
Cherry tomatoes 10 Items
Cucumber slices 10 Items
Romaine lettuce, chopped 1 Cup
Quinoa, cooked 1 Cup
Block feta cheese, cubed ⅓ Block
Fresh parsley, chopped 2 Tablespoons
Tzatziki sauce 1 Tablespoon
Lemon wedges
Plant-based Mexican Seasoned Ground


Step 1
1. Heat oven to 400°F.
2. Mix ingredients in a medium-sized mixing bowl, either by hand or with a spoon, until well combined.
3. Using a small ice cream scoop, create 6-8 evenly sized meatballs and place a few inches apart on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes.
4. Remove from oven and let cool.
Step 2
1. In a medium-sized bowl, start with quinoa and romaine on the bottom.
2. Layer the rest of your salad elements, and top with cooled “meatballs.”
3. Finish with parsley, Tzatziki sauce, and lemon wedges (for a fresh citrus squeeze) and serve.
4. For an extra Greek influence, serve with Kalamata olives and pita bread!

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