Our ingredients

At OZO, we believe plant-based proteins should be delicious and made from real ingredients.

Powered by an exclusive, proprietary blend of pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mushrooms, OZO gives families the nutritional benefits of plants in an easily digestible way.

We use transparent, straightforward and real ingredients to make our OZO products including pea protein, fruits, vegetables and water.

image of a glass of water

Water helps make the plant-based protein juicy and gives you a meat-like texture. Yum!

Our protein sources are GMO and soy free and fermented by shitake mushrooms. The textured protein provides the bite and eating experience of meat. The fermentation by shiitake mycelia makes the protein more available for your body to use.

OZO features a high-quality pea protein that is a great source of iron, which has been known to aid in muscle growth, weight loss and heart health. Pea protein is also less likely to cause allergies compared to other high-protein foods (such as milk, eggs, nuts and soy).

peas are also more eco-friendly to grow than many protein soruces
image of canola oil in a glass

Canola oil is a very clean tasting oil that is widely considered healthy. Canola is low in saturated fat (7%), and like olive oil, is high in monounsaturated fat (63%). Canola oil also contains a significant amount of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (9-11%), which are important for many functions in the body.

Wheat gluten is a protein naturally derived from wheat that helps bind the ingredients to provide structure for that perfect, not-too-crumbly texture. Gluten is high in protein (75%) and may also act as a prebiotic, feeding the “good” bacteria in our bodies.

image of wheat grass
image of palm oil in a glass

Sustainably-sourced oil that has a rich and savory taste.

This comes naturally from plants, and your body processes it as a non-digestible fiber. We use this ingredient to bind together the plant-based product when it is cooked and to keep it juicy.

fields of crops
assortment of vegetables

All of our plant-based colors come from plants (fruits and vegetables) and are non-GMO. Our fermented proteins bring a natural source of umami which sets OZO’s nutrition and flavor apart.

We use yeast like bakers use it in the kitchen — for fermentation and flavor!

image of yeast
assortment of vegetables

OZO chefs discovered that a little vitamin C balances out all the flavors to create a delicious culinary experience!